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What you do in your lifetime decides what happens afterwards.
HighSchool: Parkside High School
College: University of Phoenix
TV: Barack is in office now. Just following his politics to see if he's living up to his words. So far, so good!!! Other than that, whatever's amusing and entertaining on the big screen.
Books: I'm into law books, corporate law, constitutional law, divine law, etc.
Sports: I'm the ultimate Philly sports phanatic, so the Eagles and the Sixers are at the top of my sports' list, no matter how many winning or losing seasons they have.
Interests: I love travelling, by planes, by trains, and by automobiles. And I always travel in spirit. I enjoy bowling, roller skating, movies, and helping others.
BestFeatures: My smile, my character, my ora. Trust me, I'm more beautiful on the inside than I am on the outside, and that's what I want in a woman.
Dreams: Dreams or goals? I have had dreams in the past that I considered goals, but never went anywhere, so now I only deal with dreams between the times I close my eyes to the time my eyes are opened again.I believe in destiny, in which my destiny is controlled by the One who created everything that ever was, is, and evermore to be.

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