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    5 ft. 3 in.
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    Masters Degree
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    Yes, over 18


Hi. I am active, educated, adventurous, open-minded, bi-lingual, even-tempered, winsome yet non-conformist at heart.

I enjoy Tango, Salsa, Yoga, fútbol, travel, snorkeling, art museums, jazz, all live music.
I love living in my gem of a city but regularly rejoice in the deep quiet and refocus only nature can offer.

I enjoy meeting new people and keeping close my friends and family. I gravitate to people who are light, and yet grounded; adult, but with child-like joy; sharp-witted, but soft-hearted.

I view this dating site as a very light-hearted space. I don't have any expectations - just putting out respectful positive energy and hoping to get the same back.

I've lived in many parts of the U.S. and overseas. I call Louisville home.

What I am looking for

.… you have a positive outlook even though you've been through it and learned about yourself.
.... you are emotionally and physically healthy and ready for a friendship that could possibly lead to a lifetime of mutual romance.
.... you are in-tune with your own personal crazy and can laugh about it - (we all got it).
…. you enjoy art, music, dance, travel, exploration.
.... you enjoy new ideas and experiences and have numerous to share.
… you are compassionate and accepting of humanity's differences.
.... need it be stated?? that a vote for Drumpf, no matter your reasoning, is a disqualifying factor for us ever being able to get past a polite hello.
…... y si hablas español, ¡escríbame!…...

Smiles, sonrisas y abrazos